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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Lao Tzu

When a practitioner of the Fu Hok is initially asked to begin teaching the art, his first thought is “Where do I begin?” Fu Hok is a multidimensional totality, it is a holographic entity with the parts reflecting the whole and the whole reflecting the parts.


Is the Fu Hok a martial art? Most traditional Chinese martial arts either had their origins in, or were heavily influenced by the military. Fu Hok master Kwan would say that the Fu Hok is designed to kill. It is first and foremost an extremely powerful and efficient martial art.

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Is the Fu Hok a health enhancing exercise with Medicinal benefits? Certainly, the Fu Hok improves balance, coordination, circulation, respiration, and strength. Fu Hok is a traditional chi gung. Its effects can be both seen, felt, and scientifically verified. Fu Hok also encompasses “dit da ke” or traditional Chinese sports and trauma medicine. Many practitioners participate in the Fu Hok for the health producing benefits alone.

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Isn’t Fu Hok some kind of meditation? Without a doubt, the Fu Hok encompasses both stationary and moving meditation. It calms and quiets the mind.  It cultivates mindfulness, concentration, intent and a peaceful equipoise.

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So doesn’t that make it some sort of a religious practice? While it originated in a religious environment, the principles and practice of the Fu Hok can compliment any spiritual tradition.

What about philosophy? Does it have an inherent philosophy? The philosophy of the Fu Hok is a philosophy embraced by many other Asian martial arts. That philosophy is known in western society as “existentialism.”

Can a westerner then really grasp the essence of what is historically an eastern art? Fu Hok definitely is a “cultural window” into eastern society. As master Kwan was fond of saying, “Play more, understand more. One day more, one day deeper.” As the training lengthens, the understanding deepens. Cultural barriers cannot withstand the penetrating light of insight born of experience.

Fu Hok then is truly a multi-faceted gem. A beginning Fu Hok practitioner has little idea of the journey he is about to embark upon. The seasoned Fu Hok practitioner works in eager anticipation of the next mind-shattering breakthrough that takes his skill and understanding to an ever higher level. It is an amazing, fulfilling, and wonderful journey. The price of passage is faith, commitment, and determination.  Take the next step by contacting us!