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Membership in the Fu Hok family is about learning, growing and developing a variety of inter-related skills. Fu Hok is also a cultural window into an ancient, intricate and sophisticated civilization. Beyond that however are deep, meaningful, long-term friendships and relationships.

As members of the Fu Hok family we share a commitment to each other, a commitment to a common experience and a commitment to a traditional set of values. These values are briefly described in the following paragraphs. Please take the time to read through them thoughtfully.

The Confucian Order - throughout Asian society the teachings of Confucius influence social interactions at all levels. When traveling in Asia it becomes readily apparent that a high premium is placed upon such traditional values as order and harmony, reverence and respect for older senior members, as well as the value of group success over individual accomplishment. Through out the centuries these values have proven themselves to be the bedrock of stable and efficient family functioning. The Fu Hok family affirms these values and manages it’s affairs accordingly.

Guang hai - its literal translation is  “mixed tie.” It’s  meaning is more along the lines of mutual reciprocity. The Mandarin term for it is  “guan xi.”  In Asian society it is a complex social network of personal favors and obligations through which most things get done. Guang hai also reflects a depth of friendship, trust and respect within an interpersonal relationship. It is evidenced in the Fu Hok family through mutual expressions of generosity and gratitude. These acts in turn engender trust and loyalty.

Preserve - Promote - Perpetuate - because we highly esteem the knowledge, skills and values of the Fu Hok it is our desire to safe guard the art, passing it on accurately to the next generation, while at the same time encouraging deeper understanding, increased practice and participation.

Membership in the Fu Hok family does have it’s privileges.  Members are afforded access to proprietary products, knowledge and information depending upon their current level.

If you have read, understand and sincerely support the values listed above and you are interested in becoming a member of our family, please fill out the membership application below. We in turn will give your application thoughtful consideration and promptly contact you.